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inspection division

Our Inspection Division offers customized services and solutions. It is conceived to, and focused on giving efficient response, cutting costs and minimizing operational risk. 

Our UAVs do surgically precise work; they get to difficult access spots, they work on height and in confined or hazardous spaces.

We can survey conditions of masonry, concrete structures, membranes and roof coverings in traditional buildings, corrosion in galvanized iron sheets, in metal roofs, pipes and rain drainage gutters in all the buildings surveyed, walkways, railings and metal floors, conveyor belts, banners, cable trays, brackets and platforms, perimeter fences, metal oil/fuel oil tanks, boilers, chimneys and ventilation ducts and their support structures (turnbuckles and foundations), cantilevered sheds and their support structures.

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Inspection Division Services

Inspection of:  

  • Railroad and road bridges, to ensure structural integrity

  • Roofs and industrial buildings

  • Road and construction works

  • On height structures (communication towers, tension towers, wind mills)

  • Confined or dangerous spaces 

 Detection of:

  • Water leaks in diverse structures.

All captures will be reflected in reports generated by our engineering department. We have post processing software to generate dense point clouds, Maya for 3D models, orthomosaics, digital elevation models (MDF), and possibility of export to CAD systems.

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