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agribusiness division

This division is focused on giving added value to the agribusiness and livestock sector.

The agribusiness and livestock sector is pioneer in the use of technology to increase yield sustainably, while protecting the environment. We, at aero665, by using UAVs and dedicated software and appointing savvy professionals, can significantly cut costs and obtain speedy results in midsize and large areas by optimizing use of time and resources.

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inspeccion silos
agribusiness division services

Pilot mapping with HD images processed in dedicated software enables us to:

Detect the condition of biomass

Identify environment

Detect flooding or draught

Detect weeds

Identify plagues and diseases

Count plants and predict yield

Video tape livestock for auction

Search and map wetlands

Identify potential road routes

Inspect silos and assets

Inspect perimeter fences

Expert opinion and event reporting to insurers

3D mapping and modeling with state-of-the-art dedicated software

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