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environment division

UAV technology (drones) fits a large number of environmental management applications; it provides quick, easy and profitable air images. From the survey of sensitive areas, modeling of weather events and monitoring of physical and biological environment to counting and identifying biota. It is supported by a team of Argentine professionals, specialists in work method, studies/evaluations and management systems, with more than 30 years’ experience in Projects and Services related to sanitation, waste management, environmental protection and industrial security. 

Professionals are more and more inclined to using drones instead of the slower land devices; thus they enlarge their field and cut risks. 

planta de acero
pot carrier

environment division services

Surveying and mapping of waste disposal sites (dumping sites)

Detection and diagnosis of contaminated sites

Environmental liabilities: integral management of solid waste

Monitoring of changes in environment variables: forest density etc.

Mapping and 3D modeling of physical and environmental variables

Mapping of contamination areas/plumes

Environmental impact of civil work

Work on height or confined /hazardous/ gas filled spaces

Exploration of hard access sites

Risk map (sites and routes), emergency/rescue plans

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